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Kaiju Talk #1 - The Idea
As I sit here thinking what more I can add to spice up my current sketch, I wanted to start a discussion with you guys. For your respective universes, what do you do with your kaiju in terms of originality? How do you imagine them?
The classic monster that rises from the sea to cause havoc is obviously something that has been done many times in cinema, otherwise it wouldn't be classic. But for original kaiju, the fans have a chance to change that. For me, my kaiju are in no way natural-born animals, or forces of nature; they are gods, constructs bred (or built) for the purpose of harnessing energy and power. They are mere vessels created by beings of a higher plane. So, I guess you could say I am adopting on what the aliens from Pacific Rim were established of doing, but mine are of a much larger scale. These beings are bound to Earth like a curse, because in the lore, Earth is the center of life that must be "tested" for their future constructs. Thus, you have the mass extinctions; wh
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Not just a place for my favorites but for talented people who produces great art and inspiration.



[Revised Description. Added and modified a few characteristics. Corrected *some* spelling errors.]
                   (Speculative and creative purposes only. Not meant to be accurate)

The Acanthodermosaur was one, if not the most vicious and carnivorous Theropodan Dinosaurs that lived between the Early Jurassic Period all the way to the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. 

 Anatomy (Biology):

 This Dinosaur is distant relative to the Spinosauridae. Standing at a menacing 16.8-18 ft long, this creature has evolved to take down large, great beasts in a single fight. Its feet is composed of four toes that ends in thick, compact claws. Due to its elongated and bendable digits on its feet, it’s adaptability to various terrain is increased. Its arms are long as usual, while its hands are strongly-built, equipped with three long fingers that are able to hold and clasp both objects and prey. Due to the muscle mass and strength of the arms and legs, it could have stood in both quadruped and bipedal positions when walking or running. Its notable characteristic in its body is an excessive growth of spikes and spiny features on its face, back and its tail. The tail could have been used in combat, lashing it around like a whip. Its spikes and spines on its face and back could have been used as to instill fear on an opponent, show dominance in a pack or for defense. Its skin patterns are of course serves the purpose to attract a potential mate in breeding season. Differing in wide assortments of color ranging from bright, cheerful to dark, threatening colors.


Combat Statistics/Prowess:

 Its combat style mainly focuses on overwhelming an enemy, giving no chance to counter its attacks. Its tail is covered in spikes and is lightweight based on its muscle mass and bone structure. Acting like a long and spiky whip it will start lashing it around, hitting any thing close. Painful to big creatures and deadly to the small ones. Its spiny and “spikey” features prevents from harmful bites, swipes and melee weapons from making contact with its skin. The Acanthodermosaur uses this advantage to charge at enemies, embedding the opponents with skin full of spikes. Its D-shaped mouth contains serrated teeth, purposely built to grind and cut flesh into an easy meal. Its bite force can exert an average of 38,000 Newtons of force. Its serrated teeth combined with its powerful biteforce is something most prey should avoid when in an encounter with this dinosaur. One of its weaknesses though is its slow turns when moving. Due to its bulky, thick and compact size, its locomotion and turning agility is limited. This would prove as a massive disadvantage when a single Acanthodermosaur is confronted with multiple opponents.



 The Acanthodermosaur is not really a social creature. Contact with another of its species would usually end in a bloody fight unless it’s a potential mate. Its parental mannerism towards its young is very concerning to say at the least. It would occasionally provide food, sustenance and care to the young daily but when prey and meals becomes a scarcity then it will resort to cannibalism. And will eat its own young if desperate enough. Its diet consists mainly of fishes, its own species, large herbivores and its opponents.


Average eggs laid:



Average Lifespan:

30 - 40 years old


Mortality rate during various ages:

Infant age- Young adolescent-   Adult-   Old Age-
High           Medium                   Low       Medium

Beau Monstre
(Discovered May 12, 2018)

The "Beau Monstre", which means Beautiful Monster in French is a Kaiju found just between the Celtic sea and the Bay of Biscay.

The anomalies and events that eventually led to the discovery of this Kaiju started with an unknown but serene "singing" heard for miles past the shorelines of France, the fishermen and nearby residents were evacuated subsequently after the following days showed no stopping of the weird singing and increasing number of missing boats and ships that went after the direction of the singing. Eventually, live feeds from satellites and aircraft has reported of "something huge moving in the middle of the sea" and "an entire graveyard in the sea made of whales". It's discovery was finally made when the Kaiju was found surfacing for air and doing acrobatic breaches out of the water similar of that to humpback whales that can reach up to 80 to 85 feet in the air.

Anatomy (Biology):
The Kaiju's skin is made of denticles covered with thick, amphibious membranes and enzymes that helps with temperature regulation, protection from attacks and "gliding" in water. It's limbs are composed of one pair of forelimbs half-fused with one pair of protruding pectoral fins that is made of a mix between flesh and thin webbing (possibly developed for better swimming efficiency), and one pair of pelvic fins made of an unknown substance that is only closely related to that of an octopus' tendril (unknown purpose, possibly for stabilizing while underwater). It's caudal fin seems to have evolved to be shorter in trade for a longer spine while the dorsal fin was reduced and moved nearer to the rear end of the Kaiju. It's horny protrusions on top of it's head serves to be a similar purpose as a deer's antlers, either for sexual selection for females or for showing dominance over another male of the same species. It's beard-like horn protrusions under it's head seems to serve no purpose other than pure cosmetics. It's iconic singing was made by the three pores on it's neck. The holes are covered with thick membrane flaps, these flaps only open when the Kaiju needs to take in air or make noises. The Kaiju's iconic singing was made possible through complex and intricate linings and organs working inside the three pores lying in it's neck, working like the insides of a tuba or a french horn. Algae build-up in the skin and in the tip of it's horns usually leads to simple ecosystems consisting mainly of fishes and crustaceans, these ecosystems seems to help the Kaiju by cleaning it's body of unwanted substances including stucked carcasses and parasites. It's main source of food seems to come from pods of whales, squads of giant squids and other gigantic creatures that resides deep in the ocean floor. Human casualties are rare and can only be caused if the humans manage to injure this Kaiju.

One special thing to take note is that it's singing is somehow not that of playfulness or boredom but of trying to call it's other brethren to it's side, despite being the only one in the world.


Attempting to combat this Kaiju will result in complete failure. This is due to the combat prowess and tactical intelligence this Kaiju exhibits. Under the serene look of this Kaiju lies an undefeated foe, just waiting to show itself at a proper fight. The "Beau Monstre" is accounted to be one of the most intelligent in the Kaiju Defense files. The Kaiju uses tactical knowledge by engaging itself on the enemy, examining the opponents strengths and weaknesses. One special feature in this Kaiju is the ability to notice minor details and piece them up to form a solution to whatever problem it is having, this trait has been known to be the key to it's every victory in every battle. Another key tactic this Kaiju uses is it's ability to submerge in water and disguise it's temperature and itself with the help of it's membrane-covered denticles. Making the Kaiju invisible to Thermal Imaging and the naked eye, further making this Kaiju more dangerous. Although it's strength is nothing compared to other Kaijus, it's intelligence makes up to fill the gap.

Kaiju Defense Employees are advised not to engage with this Kaiju at all costs.
'ISDA' Mech Design Concept

Although mechs are a bit of a hustle to do, I still like them. Their Human-Computer capabilities and maneuverability is a truly unique concept. The origins of the "mech" came from various 90's Anime that started growing to the American cartoons. Two famous mech series to be known in the age of CGI and blurry Anime is Gundam and Transformers. This drawing is a Philippine-based mech design, made to fight in the swampy and tropical areas of the Philippines.

Description (For those who can't read the writing):

Body (External Armormech)-
"ISDA" (Intensive Suppression and Defense Armormech.)
Made in the Philippines,this one-man piloted mech is light,fast and durable. A pair of light weapons on it's side and a heavy weapon on the top makes it suitable for any combat situation. Especially designed for amphibious combat, this mech can submerge in shallow waters and surprise a fleet of ships. While in "submersion mode", this mech can't fire any of it's weapons. "ISDA" which means fish in Tagalog gives it's name for it's submersible ability.
ISDA Stats:
Speed: Approx' 40 miles per hour
Unique for it's submersible mode.
Heavy Weapon-
"SIBAT" (Super Intensive Ballistic Assault Tesla)
This is a fast, deady and precise weapon that uses "Tesla energy".
"SIBAT", which is spear in Tagalog get it's name for it's long range accuracy.
SIBAT Stats:
Reload time: 12 sec
Range: 1000 m
Capacity: 10 charges
Light Weapon-
"Noricum" (Missile Complex)
Long range missile complex for deploying Airstrike. huge "Area-of-effect" damage.
Noricum Stats:
Damage: 1,000 per missile
Reload time: 15
Range: 1,200 m
Capacity: 28 missiles

A truly unique concept, but everything has it's own weakness and strengths.

It's submersible mode and long range capability allows sniping and effective offensive attacks against untrained, outdated bases. It's frame and combat effectiveness is also good as a patrol mech and/or a police mech.

Although it's submersible mode proves effective against outdated enemies, it can't compare to mechs and or turrets with thermal imaging. Having been equipped with a nuclear power grid makes it worse since the nuclear grid makes the mech hotter and prone to being spotted by a thermal-imaging device. Once spotted in the water, it won't be able to retaliate to attacks since it can't fire it's weapons underwater.

Attributes (Items equipped)
1 Nuclear Octacore power grid
Uses 8x Blaze thorium chunks
16x Ozone Extract
2 SHUkla EMP Repellant:
(5 Megawatt consumption)
(Repells up to 10k of EMP Radii)
1 NitroAmmonia engine coolant
2 T.R.A.B.A.ho engine

(Typed this up while I was sick, misspellings could be common)

Snow Man (Pixel Form)
Aye, decided to do some pixel art of TheDerpasaur's creatures called "Snow Man" since I haven't posted anything yet.

Sorry if I kinda have not been uploading sprite fusions, it's been a busy week and it's hard to make time for it. The few things I can do is just draw em'. But I will continue it as soon as I get a large free time from school! So stay tuned!



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